Darumbal Storytime

Darumbal Storytime is an interactive program that allows for hands-on learning. It can be tailored for all ages, whether early childhood, primary or secondary and fosters greater knowledge and understanding of Indigenous culture through Darumbal language. This program stimulates and broadens interest and enjoyment of Darumbal culture, increases knowledge and awareness of Darumbal oral history and living culture, and provides ongoing educational opportunities for participants.

Darumbal Storytime engages and supports Darumbal teachers, Elders and community to develop programs that encourage community participation, exposure and increase awareness of Darumbal living culture as told by Elders and cultural leaders.

This activity is facilitated in our program rooms but occasionally, they can be organised off-site, in collaboration with the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens and Zoo.

To book group tickets for upcoming sessions, visit the Darumbal Storytime page in What's On.


About the Artist Educator

"The Darumbal language is over thousands of years old, it has been passed down from generation to generation and will continue to do so. Language is the heart of our identity and without it we would be lost." - DPAC RNTBC 

Darumbal Language Lessons are facilitated by Darumbal people or Representative from Darumbal People Aboriginal Corporation Registered Native Title Body (DPAC RNTBC) on behalf of the Darumbal People.



Image: Darumbal Storytime educator Lelarnie Hatfield reading a story to a group with hand painted props in the background. 



Image: Participants engage in various activities related to the stories given. 



Image: Books and various cultural items used during Darumbal Storytime.



Image: Darumbal Storytime educator Lelarnie Hatfield telling a story during a Storytime held at the Rockhampton Zoo.