Soft Notes to the Future

11 June - 7 August

Gallery 2 | Free

Queensland artist group The Stitchery Collective uses textiles and clothing to explore human interconnectedness and community. Inside the Rockhampton Museum of Art, the group will make a large-scale interactive work that will grow over the course of the exhibition. The large-scale work takes the shape of Nurim/Mt Archer, which is visible from the museum’s deck. Prompted by questions about love, the future and growing up, visitors of all ages are invited to sit, discuss and weave their soft textile offerings straight onto the artwork.

The Stitchery Collective is a design and art collective from Meanjin/Brisbane established in 2010. Current members are Anna Hickey, Maddie Taylor, Kiara Bulley, Remi Roehrs, Sarah Winter, Bianca Bulley and Ellie Graham. Representing creative practitioners, academics and friends, the group is inspired by the potential of textiles and fashion to connect people and develop vibrant and inclusive communities. In 2020, The Stitchery Collective created Notes for a Future You, a zine designed for Rockhampton school students to share insights into growing up and their dreams for the future.


Participants in The Stitchery Collective’s Soft Notes to the Future 2022, Image Credit: Tom Degotardi.



This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland