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Join us for Speakers in the Embassy, a series of talks held in the exhibition space of Richard Bell: Bell's Theorem, inside Bell's artwork, EMBASSY. 

The first guest speaker is Alwyn Doolan, aka Wunyungar (one-young-gar). Doolan is a proud Gooreng Gooreng and Wakka Wakka man from Woorabinda with a passion for community and Indigenous rights.

Doolan will speak about the influence and insights of his family's history and knowledge of protesting, and how that has impacted his journey. He will share his experiences of Blak protest, and where he sees the future of grassroots sovereign movements leading.


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About Alwyn Doolan aka Wunyungar (one-young-gar)

Alwyn Doolan grew up in social justice spaces, coming from a family of activists who were part of the creation of the first Black Panthers Society in Townsville in the 1970s - 1980s and supported the continuation of the world-renowned Aboriginal sovereign Tent Embassy. 

In 2018, Doolan began the Message Stick Walk, one of the most extensive walks in Australia. He completed his journey in 2019 after a year of walking over eight thousand kilometres from Bamaga in far North Queensland, to Canberra, to deliver three message sticks to the then-newly elected Australian Government. 

In 2019 Doolan also ignited a message with the support of fellow activists and friends, which gathered First Nations peoples for the first-ever Nation Dance. Held on 1 December 2019, the event saw over 120 Aboriginal Nations dancing at the same time, on the same day, in unity. 

Doolan has created and been part of a range of community grassroots projects and protests, including the recent Woorabinda Fashion for Wellbeing showcase at RMOA. Doolan was choreographer and host for this event which supported young children from Woorabinda to build confidence and Cultural identity awareness. He also runs a community Op Shop in Woorabinda that is dedicated to supporting locals to access basic household essentials that have been donated, with all proceeds raised being implemented back into local community projects and services.


Ticket options

Tickets for this program are free, but we have introduced the option to purchase a contribution ticket at $5.00 or $10.00 for those who have capacity and wish to help cover costs of organising these programs. If you select a contribution ticket, there's no need to also select an admission ticket (selecting both will reserve two places).


Image: Alwyn Doolan walking along a street in Woorabinda, holding a megaphone, supported by a group of people behind him holding a painted banner that says, "Woorabinda". Image courtesy of Alwyn Doolan.


This exhibition is generously supported in partnership with Haymans.



  • Saturday, 09 December 2023 | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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