Benjamin Scott - Artist in Residence

 Benjamin Scott


Born and raised in Rockhampton on Darumbal Country, Benjamin Scott’s enthusiastic interest in visual art was cemented in his early years.  Since those early encounters with art, Scott has continued to pursue his passion through a broad range of traditional and contemporary media and now, at age 19, has established a particular focus on digital media and exploring the expressive power of colour for communicating emotion with viewers. 

Digital media allows Scott to experiment freely with mark-making, gesture, expression and colour, providing fertile ground for developing new styles and techniques. Scott's experience with digital art has also allowed him to blur the boundaries between traditional and digital media and genres, creating alternate possibilities for modes of expression that straddle past, present and future.

Scott seeks to challenge traditional perceptions of the relationship between audience, artwork and artist. As digital creations, Scott's works can be viewed and shared widely, interacted with and publicly commented on, creating an evolving record of the development of his practice which he, as the artist, can then respond to and edit further to make viewing more engaging. This open-ended relationship between artist, artwork and and audience exemplifies the nature of social media and a digital art practice: centred upon audience engagement, which enables creative experimentation with not only the means of creation for an artwork, but its presentation and reception too.